HerMan Photography is a Toronto-based photographer who approaches weddings in a unique style. He loves capturing the emotions you go through on your big day with candid, contemporary, photojournalistic and documentary styles of shooting. He assures to provide you with an outstanding ensemble of photos and videos with all those heart-touching moments that were overlooked.

Services offered

HerMan Photography includes many customized services in his wedding package, such as:

  • Full day/half day wedding photography
  • Image editing and retouching
  • A second shoot
  • Multiple location shoots
  • Additional hours
  • Slideshow
  • High resolution pictures in a digital album
  • Wedding highlights and full feature video

Areas covered

HerMan Photography specializes in destination weddings and some of the places he has covered include Mexico, Aruba, Punta Cana, Hawaii, Hong Kong and a couple of Asian cities. Make sure to send him an inquiry and check availability!




林峯 Light Up My ‘Live

杜德偉 - 「極杜世界巡迴演唱會」

甄澤權 - 世界魔術巡迴之旅

林憶蓮 - LIVE MMXIII 演唱會

張信哲 我看見 世界巡迴演唱會

容祖兒 No.6世界巡迴演唱會

蔡琴 - 「百萬精華」演唱會

謝天華、敖嘉年、陳法拉、王君馨 - 星級娛樂耀全城

李克勤 - 演奏廳 2013


夏韶聲 & 蘇芮 憑著愛 - 永不放棄 2011 演唱會

邰正宵 愛如情歌演唱會

朱咪咪、黎耀祥 - 耀舞祥威笑咪咪演唱會

周慧敏 - Journey of Love 世界巡迴演唱會

陳潔靈、Maria Cordero - The Voice Live

許冠文 - 棟篤笑《男女戰爭》

單紫寧 - “永遠的愛人鄧麗君” 2013演唱會

薛家燕、阮兆祥、 金剛 - 加大歡喜演唱會

葉麗儀 - 「萬般情」演唱會

詹瑞文、盧海鵬 - 「華瑪奇幻扮嘢大典」

朱咪咪 - 「咪咪你好嘢」演唱會

呂方 - 「經典金曲三十載演唱會」

關淑怡 - Your Favorite 演唱會2014

尤雅、 麗莎 - 醉人金曲演唱會

尹光 - 「歡樂情懷」 演唱會

張德蘭 金曲演唱會


He is also an award-winning ­Photographer, recognized by the city of Toronto and is ready to create an amazing work of art for you.


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